Steps needs to resolve a student loan dispute by Bruce Mesnekoff

To begin to resolve your loan dispute you must first figure out your problem and contact your loan servicer.  There are a few general rules which may help you figure out what your loan problem is and how you should go about solving your problem.


You may want to begin by identifying whether or not you have been making your payments on time. If you have but you have an incorrect balance in your account, you may want to check your payment history and submit proof of your on time payment to your loan servicer.


If your payments were made on time but the status of your loan is default, then you will want to follow similar steps as above, submitting your proof of payments to your loan servicer.


If you are having disputes with your loan servicer reporting false information to credit bureaus filing a consumer dispute to the credit bureaus should be your first step.  You should contact Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion in writing informing them of the incorrect information.


Once identifying your problem your next step is to contact your loan servicer.  When contacting your loan servicer it is important to keep detailed notes on the conversations you have with them.  Keeping a physical record of the conversation is helpful.


Make sure that when you speak with someone over the phones you take down the name of the representative you spoke to, the date of the conversation, and details of the conversation.


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